Home Rennovation Don’ts

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While there are certain renovation tips that can add value to your home, there are a few things to watch out for before you start tearing down walls, repainting, or installing new flooring. When redoing your home, it is important to know when to call the professionals when to avoid the frills, and when to throw … Read more

Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value

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Making the decision to stay in your home often means you start looking for ways to update and maintain it. Remodeling is a great way to slowly add value to a home while still keeping it livable and without the inconvenience of uprooting your family. But not all remodeling decision are equal. Some home updates … Read more

Project Update: Harrod’s Glen

Harrods Glen Finished Custom Home Perry Lyons

Grand, luxurious, and warm are the words used to describe this home. A blend of different textures gives the house depth and personality. Brick, stainless steel, wood, and marble all make an appearance in this home from the flooring to the walls and ceilings.The fully finished basement with kitchenette shows how every inch of this … Read more

Choosing a Reputable Contractor After a Flood

Heavy rains pounded the Louisville area recently, bringing a multitude of issues for homeowners and local residents who suffered flooding and were left with water damage. If you are left in the wake of clean up and repair, chances are you are looking for a reputable professional to help. In order to avoid the shady … Read more

How to Care for Your Home’s Foundation

If you fear the words of the Big Bad Wolf huffing and puffing and blowing your house down, you might want to check your foundation first. When evaluating your Louisville custom home’s solid base, here are some important things to check for: Unlevel Floors – You might first notice a door that jams or a … Read more

Louisville custom home tip: Properly sealing windows and roofs

Did you know that even a good roofing shingle or window pane product can still malfunction if it is installed improperly? One way to prevent good products from working poorly is to keep in mind the most extreme weather conditions in your area during installation. Use each product to its fullest potential. For Louisville homeowners, this means … Read more

Louisville Homeowner Tips for Fall

We may still have some warm months before the fall is here, but it is the perfect time to start preparing for the cooler months now. Doing a few things now will save you time and money later. Have your furnace checked You may be looking at your cooling bills and thinking how you can … Read more

Tour of Remodeled Homes is August 11-12

This year’s tour of remodeled homes takes place next weekend, Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12. Sixteen homes will be featured in this year’s tour, and will showcase a wide variety of remodeled spaces including kitchens, family rooms, basements, outdoor living areas, and more. One trend in home design and redesigns that’s been an … Read more

Lasting Architecture: The Classic vs. Modern Home Debate

If you Google “Modern vs. Classic Architecture” you will get results that span every opinion and taste. Architecture is just like music, it is subjective. You like what you like. If you like Polka, who am I to tell you you have bad music taste, although I would still try and make that argument. The … Read more

First Impressions and WOW Factor; Wise Home Improvements

The jury is back with their ruling and the decision is unanimous. There are some improvements that payoff better than others. Before deciding what improvements to make it would be good to ask yourself two questions before jumping into any home improvement project, am I wanting to sell in the next few years and am … Read more

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