First Impressions and WOW Factor; Wise Home Improvements

The jury is back with their ruling and the decision is unanimous. There are some improvements that payoff better than others. Before deciding what improvements to make it would be good to ask yourself two questions before jumping into any home improvement project, am I wanting to sell in the next few years and am I concerned with getting the cash I put into my home back?

Louisville custom home builderThe “First Impression” improvements include landscaping, entry doors and windows, and the basic exterior of the home, which could include tuck pointing bricks, siding, or your roof. You can’t go wrong budgeting for these enhancements. Aside from improving the appearance, the new doors, windows, or exterior products probably are creating many insulating benefits that should be reflected in the energy bills. Real Simple website quoted a Manhattan real-estate firm saying, “Buyers make their decisions in exactly eight seconds, after that, they’ve either fallen in love or are just honoring an appointment.

The “Wow Factor” improvements would include decks, kitchens, bathrooms, and finished basements. If your kitchen and baths are terribly outdated, most home buyers will ask for concessions when making their offer. You might as well get the kitchen or bath you love and enjoy it if you are staying in your home for several years. Unfinished spaces are often the easiest projects to start with. You have a blank slate you can skip the demolition part of the remodeling process which can shorten the project length.

If you want to make home improvements for the purpose of selling your home here are the top ten things buyers are looking for according to

  1. Finished Basements
  2. New or Updated Windows
  3. Hardwood or Tile floors
  4. Master Suites
  5. Walk-in closets
  6. Solid surface countertops
  7. Separate tub and shower
  8. Whirlpool tubs
  9. Two car garage
  10. Updated appliances

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