Luxury Custom Home Building vs. Templatized Custom Home Building

louisville custom home builders

When thinking of building your dream home, terms like “custom home builders” are often used by companies who aren’t truly doing fully custom work. However, the differences between those who aren’t truly custom builders, and those who are, can significantly impact your home-building experience. In this post, we’ll explore these distinctions, highlighting why opting for … Read more

Project Update: Harrod’s Glen

Harrods Glen Finished Custom Home Perry Lyons

Grand, luxurious, and warm are the words used to describe this home. A blend of different textures gives the house depth and personality. Brick, stainless steel, wood, and marble all make an appearance in this home from the flooring to the walls and ceilings.The fully finished basement with kitchenette shows how every inch of this … Read more

NeverWet: New Liquid-Repelling Product at the Home Depot

Imagine your crisp, white business shirt and your $5 cup of coffee coming together in a collision that would be considered by most, catastrophic. But, imagine this time that white shirt, black coffee and collision equals no evidence. Not a drop. It’s not a magic trick, but it is possible with the application of a … Read more

Selecting a Louisville Custom Home Plan

When you choose a custom home builder, the array of possibilities are endless. Deciding to build a custom home allows you to select everything from door knobs to interior layout. Although there are many variations within each style of home, the first selection you will make is choosing which style or house plan you want. … Read more

What to Look for When Buying a Building Lot

On the surface, buying a piece of land may seem fairly basic. There’s dirt, some grass, and hopefully a promising location. But just like purchasing a home, a purchase of this size and magnitude requires some homework. Whether you plan to build a house on the lot, keep the property as an investment, or develop … Read more

Boom Continues in Multifamily Housing

While job growth and home values were not booming in an upward direction last year, home construction of multifamily units with five or more units leaped 56 and 38% respectively according to NAHB estimates. While most sectors in real estate are struggling to return to prior levels, the multifamily/apartment market continues to show solid performance. Here … Read more

Louisville Custom Home Building: Industry Update

Well this year has been a big year for remodeling! The good news is that the remodeling projects this year have been larger than in years past. So instead of basement finishes, porch additions, and covered decks— which we love doing, by the way— this year has had its share of larger kitchen and bath … Read more

How Rising Mortgage Rates Affect Home Buying

Mortgage rates have been rising sharply, and oftentimes with escalating rates come the rise in anxiety for potential homebuyers. Whether you are currently a homeowner or are considering buying a home, it is essential that you avoid the mistakes people tend to make when rates begin to abruptly rise. The first and most important thing … Read more

Louisville’s Tour of Remodeled Homes 2013 is this Weekend

If you missed Homearama this year, do not fret! There is another opportunity coming up to view beautifully-decorated and remodeled homes. Louisville’s 27th annual Tour of Remodeled Homes is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, August 10-11 and will showcase 16 remodeling projects. The tour starts a 12 noon and runs until 6 p.m. both days. Tickets … Read more

How to Find a Louisville Custom Home Builder

You dream it. They build it. Choosing to build your own home starts with a concept, a plan, a dream. By selecting a Louisville custom home builder, you can watch those dreams and plans become a reality while overseeing each step of the process. Ready to roll out those blue prints and watch the dirt … Read more

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