Selecting a Louisville Custom Home Plan

When you choose a custom home builder, the array of possibilities are endless. Deciding to build a custom home allows you to select everything from door knobs to interior layout. Although there are many variations within each style of home, the first selection you will make is choosing which style or house plan you want. Here is a list of five of the most commonly built house plans and some of their basic features. Use this as a guide when dreaming about your ideal home:

Traditional Ranch

The traditional ranch-style home usually includes a simple floor plan with an attached garage and efficient living spaces. This style of home dates back to 1932 and is still being built today. Between 1950-1960 it was one of the most popular styles of house plan in the suburban home building boom.

Although the ranch-style home has been considered “cookie cutter,” and uniform looking, there is huge potential for updating, layout variation, and adding an addition to this style of home.


Dating back to 1876, this is one of the most popular style of house in the United States. Colonial homes usually have two or three stories, a fireplace or two, and a brick or wood facade. Traditionally in the Colonial home, the kitchen and family room are located on the first floor and the bedrooms are built on the second floor.

It is easy to add an addition on at the side or back of a Colonial style home. The brick exterior may be difficult to match, but a builder or designer can assist you in finding complementary siding materials.

Cape Cod

Popular in the 1930s, this model of home dates all the way back to 1675. Typically a one-story or one and a half story, the Cape Cod style home features a steep roofline, wood siding, multi-pane windows and hardwood floors. One distinguishing feature of the Cape Cod is its dormer windows in the front for added space, light, and ventilation.


The Craftsman, bungalow style home (also known as the Arts and Crafts) was very popular between 1905 and 1930, but today, it’s making a comeback. The unique feature of the Craftsman style house is the large amount of interior woodwork, such as built in shelves and seating.

On the exterior, Craftsman-style homes are built with low-pitched roofs, wide eave overhangs, exposed rafters, decorative beams and porches framed by tapered square columns. Unfinished and unusable space in the attic is also common in this style home.


Architect-designed homes built from 1950-1970 are considered “contemporary,” although this term has come to describe a wide range of houses built recently that focus on simple forms and geometric lines. Many contemporary homes feature lots of glass, open floor plans and inventive designs. This style home doesn’t utilize elaborate ornamentation or unnecessary detail. The often flat-face exterior of the contemporary home often comes from a dynamic mix of contrasting materials and textures, exposed roof beams and flat or low-pitched roofs.

Whatever vision you project for your custom home, PL Lyons is able to accommodate your needs and desires. Contact us today and let us walk you through the steps of selecting the floor plan and style of home that will put you one step closer to making your dream a reality.

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