NeverWet: New Liquid-Repelling Product at the Home Depot

Imagine your crisp, white business shirt and your $5 cup of coffee coming together in a collision that would be considered by most, catastrophic. But, imagine this time that white shirt, black coffee and collision equals no evidence. Not a drop. It’s not a magic trick, but it is possible with the application of a product called NeverWet, a new superhydrophobic spray by Rust-Oleum which has been proven to repel water when applied to various materials.

NeverWet was an accidental invention. Originally created in 2008, NeverWet was first created as a way to prevent steel corrosion. After the research team noticed its captivating effects, the chemical was repurposed and repackaged for consumers. The spray contains nano-particles that create a coating that makes everyday materials moisture and stain-resistant. NeverWet is recommended for metal, wood, fabric, leather and cardboard, although video below shows NeverWet successfully coating iPhones and keeping them from liquid ruin.

The NeverWet package contains two cans, a base and top coat, capable of covering 10 to 15 square feet with water-repelling action on a variety of surfaces. Each coat takes about 30 minutes to dry and when completely dry, produces a frosty-like coating on the surface. In the video below, not only water, but chocolate sauce and mustard are seen nearly jumping off the surface of white athletic shoes and a clean shirt, with virtually no evidence. When water hits a wooden deck rail, the water beads up and is easily rolled right off the surface and left unscathed.

When considering the numerous uses of NeverWet for around the home, here are some examples how to use it:

  • garage floors
  • windshields
  • doors
  • rooftops
  • electrical insulators
  • pipes
  • power lines
  • decking
  • windows

Anywhere that water buildup is considered hazardous or dangerous, or just down right a pain, NeverWet has the capability of repelling that water and keeping your surfaces dry as a bone. NeverWet is available for just $20 at Home Depot.

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