7 Motivations for a Whole Home Remodel

whole home remodeling

Several of the projects we’ve completed recently have been remodels. Many of them were large-scale projects, also known as a whole home remodel. By talking with our clients, we’ve compiled a list of the top motivations for this type of project. Here they are: 1. Wanting to Stay Where You are Many people love their … Read more

Remodeling Costs in 2022

If you’ve ever thought about remodeling, one of the first questions on your mind was probably, “How much will it cost to remodel?” The answer to this question varies significantly based on factors such as: Where you are located Square footage Underlying issues Structural or mechanical work proposed Brand and materials of the finishes Any … Read more

2022 Remodeling Ideas

kitchen remodeling

Remodeling is almost always a good idea. Your home’s layout, aesthetic, and features should not only be functional but also enjoyable. Even smaller, lower-cost updates can make a positive impact on your experience of your home. In real estate markets where options are few and fiercely competitive, a large-scale remodel of your home may be … Read more

5 Facts on Remodeling Contractors You Should Know

remodeling contractors

Not all contractors are created equal. If you’ve never remodeled or you worked with a contractor on a project that left a bad taste in your mouth, we consider these 5 facts important to know before you begin working with a remodeling contractor. #1 – A Contractor Should Offer Clear Cost Estimates We always give … Read more

Key Elements to Building an Open Concept Home

open floor plan

It was more popular years ago to have separate spaces in your home. Four or five rooms downstairs and four or five rooms upstairs, for example. Nowadays, however, most people are looking for open floor plans, where the kitchen flows smoothly into the dining and living areas. There are a lot of benefits to building … Read more

2020 Custom Design Trends for Luxury Homes

custom design trends

Along with the new year– and decade– come the new design trends that are anticipated for luxury, custom homes. Whether you are interested in doing a custom build from scratch or remodeling your existing home, these trends for both architectural style and design will be sure to wow your guests and leave you with a … Read more

10 Tips for Successful Remodeling

remodel cta

At P.L. Lyons, we love the process of building a brand new custom home. However, we love doing remodels just as much and the ways that they can transform your current home. We want to share the benefits of why you would want to choose to remodel your home instead of building a completely new on. … Read more

Walk Through the “Journey of Building A Home” With Us

custom homebuilding

The process of homebuilding is more than builders on a lot with supplies in hand. It is a journey, from start to finish, that homeowners as well as the builders, designers, project managers, and many trades people embark on together to build a beautiful house that families can call home. Our team at P.L. Lyons is committed … Read more

Now Is The Time To Think About Remodeling Your Home

Now Is The Time To Think About Remodeling Your Home

The weather is far from perfect in Kentucky. We try not to let it stall progress when we’re at work on a construction project. We’ve hauled in huge heaters to deal with sudden freezing temps. Still, the weather can certainly impact the building process. All year long, though, we can effectively manage a remodeling or … Read more

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