Our 4-Part Process Is Backed By 40+ Years Of Experience

Our 4-Part Process Is Backed By 40+ Years Of Experience

We recently renovated a beautiful home in Prospect, Kentucky that was originally built in the 1940’s. This complete remodeling proved to be a fun project as we worked to make the old blend in with the new. Below is a video we created that explains our process, materials used, and how we worked with the clients to bring their vision to life.

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Build an Allergy Free Home with These 3 Tips

Allergy-Free Home

Allergy-Free HomeLiving in the Ohio Valley can bring beautiful seasons; however, with some of these seasons can come unpleasant allergies. Now, you desperately desire a new, allergy free abode. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following ways P.L. Lyons can allergy proof a new home.

In 2016, P.L. Lyons constructed an allergy-free home for a client with severe allergies and autoimmune issues. When selecting a builder for situations such as this, it’s important that the builder you choose has experience with this type of construction.

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Home Rennovation Don’ts

custom home remodeling louisville ky

While there are certain renovation tips that can add value to your home, there are a few things to watch out for before you start tearing down walls, repainting, or installing new flooring. When redoing your home, it is important to know when to call the professionals when to avoid the frills, and when to throw … Read more

Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value

rennovation, custom

Making the decision to stay in your home often means you start looking for ways to update and maintain it. Remodeling is a great way to slowly add value to a home while still keeping it livable and without the inconvenience of uprooting your family. But not all remodeling decision are equal. Some home updates … Read more

The “life expectancy” of different parts of your home

  You can redecorate, repair, and refurbish your house to your heart’s content. When you’re done though, you might wonder how long it will take until you have to do it again. Relax! Most household materials and furnishings will probably last for years. Here’s an overview on the lifespan of the most common household items: … Read more

Looking at Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

If you’re building a custom home or remodeling your existing home, flooring is probably on your mind. There are so many different choices out there… from stones, to laminates, to hardwoods and more. Because hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options today, I’m going to give you a brief comparison of three different … Read more

Louisville’s Tour of Remodeled Homes 2013 is this Weekend

If you missed Homearama this year, do not fret! There is another opportunity coming up to view beautifully-decorated and remodeled homes. Louisville’s 27th annual Tour of Remodeled Homes is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, August 10-11 and will showcase 16 remodeling projects. The tour starts a 12 noon and runs until 6 p.m. both days. Tickets … Read more

Is Your Louisville Builder a Problem Solver?

Whether you’re building a home in Louisville, KY or Scottsdale, Arizona, you’d better make sure and hire a builder who can solve problems. It’s one of the biggest talents a good builder develops. The building business is all about problems. No matter how good you are or how long you’ve been doing it (we’re getting … Read more

Perry’s Guide to Sprucing Up Your Home for Spring

Extended warmer weather usually sparks that bug to buckle down and get some spring cleaning accomplished. While knocking down those cobwebs and shining up grungy windows, consider some additional home maintenance steps that will help you save money on energy bills, improve your home’s appearance, and ward off future big ticket repairs. Inspect your AC – … Read more

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