How to Ensure Your Remodel or Addition is Seamless with Your Current Home

It may sound obvious, but you don’t want to just tack on remodeling work or a new addition to your existing home. You want to integrate.

Whether you’re hosting guests or looking to resell your home, you don’t want remodeling work to be glaringly obvious to people as they walk in because that would mean the rest of the space remains outdated or looks odd in conjunction with the new design.

Remodeling the Exterior of a House

When it comes to making updates to your home’s exterior, it’s all about materials. Rare-colored bricks can be very hard to match. In that case, you may choose a hardy plank or assorted stone for your new facade. You can see an example below of the use of coordinating materials on the construction of an entirely new garage beside the home.

These visuals appear as artistic choices that are intended to stand out. Also, these kinds of materials can easily be integrated with old materials from a visual standpoint. For example, a hardy plank looks like real wood. Though it’s a modern material, it’s hard to tell from a distance if you pair it with older, real wood.

Roof pitches also matter when you add on to your home. It affects both the exterior and the interior layout. Many neighborhoods have specifications about your roof pitch so you have to start there with your new design. Even if you have flexibility on this in your area, it may be best to match the roofs on the other homes around you. 

Integrating Old & New Interiors

Inside your home, it’s the so-called “little things” that make or break a successful remodeling design integration. We’re referring to things like:

  • Trim
  • Flooring
  • Fixtures
  • Appliances

These same details can provide that “breath of fresh air” into your home. You don’t always have to knock out a wall!

In older homes, the casing around doors and windows isn’t always the standard width you see in newer homes. When we remodel older homes, we always factor that in. Many times, we’ve asked our mill to match this throughout the new parts of an older house so it looks consistent.

On these same features, slight changes like beveled edges can become very obvious when you place them right next to trim that doesn’t have the bevel. Again, we pay attention to the details and aim for consistency.

Have you ever looked up a home for sale online and it had 5 different kinds of flooring all within a small amount of space? This is often the result of various remodels over time. 

Maybe you’ve looked up a home for sale because you want to remodel it right away but you’re wondering how to match the unique finishes that you’d like to keep. We believe in what we can offer our remodeling clients because we have a wealth of knowledge of the products and manufacturers out there. We’ve been doing this for many decades, after all.

We know where to source. 

As custom builders with a network of vendors, contractors, and artisans (many of the same ones have been with us since the beginning) we also know when to think outside the box about material and design because, in some spaces, the point is not to match but to fit. To complement the beautiful parts of your home that you love.

You shouldn’t have to be concerned about a seamless remodeling experience in your current home. If you will entrust us with your project, that will be our concern.

When it’s not done well, we all know it when we see it. It’s one of those things. We encourage you to prioritize the fine details. That’s what you’ll get when you work with us.

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