P.L. Lyons Project Update: Elk Creek Home

P.L. Lyons Custom Home Project Update

This month, P.L. Lyons is pleased to share a recently finished home in Elk Creek. The details show in the function of this home. The wood flooring and the open kitchen give the family the opportunity to spend time with one another in an open, yet cozy environment. You can imagine popcorn on the stove … Read more

Tour of New Homes

April is here, and the awaited Tour of New Homes event has arrived in Louisville! This free event will be the first app-driven tour and will be held on the 25th and 26th. The app gives details of each home and includes pictures to tempt you inside and see these grand homes for yourself. The … Read more

P.L. Lyons Project Update: Fairway Lane Dream Home

P.L. Lyons fairway lane

P.L. Lyons is excited to have recently completed a project on Fairway Lane in Louisville, Kentucky. Bright and open is the theme of the beautiful home on Fairway Lane. With light pastels, whites, and large windows, every room feels like a breath of fresh air. Marble countertops and fireplace are complemented by splashes of dark … Read more

Tips for Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

If you live in the Ohio Valley, cold winter weather is inevitable. During winter, more time is spent indoors due to the cold and freezing temperatures. Before the snow hits hard and brutal winds blow our direction, it’s best to prepare your home for the winter. Preparing in advance can help avoid damage caused by … Read more

Selecting a Louisville Custom Home Plan

When you choose a custom home builder, the array of possibilities are endless. Deciding to build a custom home allows you to select everything from door knobs to interior layout. Although there are many variations within each style of home, the first selection you will make is choosing which style or house plan you want. … Read more

What to Look for When Buying a Building Lot

On the surface, buying a piece of land may seem fairly basic. There’s dirt, some grass, and hopefully a promising location. But just like purchasing a home, a purchase of this size and magnitude requires some homework. Whether you plan to build a house on the lot, keep the property as an investment, or develop … Read more

Boom Continues in Multifamily Housing

While job growth and home values were not booming in an upward direction last year, home construction of multifamily units with five or more units leaped 56 and 38% respectively according to NAHB estimates. While most sectors in real estate are struggling to return to prior levels, the multifamily/apartment market continues to show solid performance. Here … Read more

Nickel, Brass, or Stainless Steel in your Louisville Custom Home?

Choosing finishes for the fixtures in your Louisville custom home helps define the look and feel of the overall appearance and theme of your design. Stainless steel, brushed nickel, and brass are the three most popular finishes that homeowners are choosing from today. From faucets to shower heads, focus on the overall look you hope … Read more

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