P.L. Lyons Project Update: Elk Creek Home

P.L. Lyons Custom Home Project Update

This month, P.L. Lyons is pleased to share a recently finished home in Elk Creek. The details show in the function of this home. The wood flooring and the open kitchen give the family the opportunity to spend time with one another in an open, yet cozy environment. You can imagine popcorn on the stove … Read more

Louisville Homeowner Tips: Dead Plugs and GFIs

This week’s Louisville homeowner tip touches on electrical outlets. It has happened to most of us. We think our lamp has a broken light bulb so we replace it and it doesn’t work. Step one: never throw the bulb away until you test it in a lamp that is already working. Protect those fingers and … Read more

From Louisville to Orlando: International Builders Show is Coming Up

  We’re heading back to the annual International Builders Show in Orlando Florida. Yes, somebody has to go from Louisville to Florida in February, so we drew the short straw. We’re one of the Louisville Builders taking one for the team. This show has been an almost annual event the last few years. We attend … Read more

Should you refinance to a 15-year mortgage?

It sounds great, doesn’t it? Being able to pay off your mortgage in a fraction of the time by refinancing to a shorter-term loan. In just 15 years, you could own your home outright, build equity faster, and free up thousands of dollars you would otherwise be paying in interest over the course of a … Read more

Some things you should know about me

When you’re in the market for a contractor, builder, or remodeler, you want to make sure you choose someone reliable and trustworthy. We’ve all heard about the horror stories of homeowners forking out big money up-front for a project and the next thing they know their contractor skips town. While scenarios like that do happen, … Read more

Spring Checklist For Your Home

February is over and March is ushering in waves of spring. This time of year usually raises some questions about issues that have popped up around your new or recently remodeled house. I usually comment that these issues not only happen around new or newly remodeled houses, but can occur in most any house, regardless … Read more

P.L. Lyons Wins Sales and Marketing Award

After 35 years in the building business, P.L. Lyons has won many awards. They range from Homearama awards to 2009 Remodeler of the Year. The latest award was for taking a leap of faith into the new world of inbound marketing, also known as internet marketing or digital marketing. “The President’s Grand Award” for Best … Read more

P.L. Lyons featured in November issue of Louisville Builder

If you get Louisville Builder magazine, then make sure you take a few seconds to check out the story they did on us in November. The article written by Nancy Miller focused on Virtual Tours, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. It was titled “They’re Not Just Techie Buzz Words; They’re Today’s Marketing Reality”. Our part … Read more

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