P.L. Lyons Project Update: Elk Creek Home

This month, P.L. Lyons is pleased to share a recently finished home in Elk Creek. The details show in the function of this home. The wood flooring and the open kitchen give the family the opportunity to spend time with one another in an open, yet cozy environment. You can imagine popcorn on the stove and the family cuddled around the T.V. for a Friday movie night. Plenty of storage space was important in this home, and includes a sink in the laundry room to give your clothes personal care, or for those muddy soccer shorts.

From the wood flooring to the ceiling fans, good care and thought has been put into this home and how it may be used by the family. Because, in the end, a house is just a space where you put all your things, unless it flows and functions to you and your family’s needs. We were thankful to be a part of this project, and would be glad if you made us a part of your next project today.

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