Spring Checklist For Your Home

February is over and March is ushering in waves of spring. This time of year usually raises some questions about issues that have popped up around your new or recently remodeled house. I usually comment that these issues not only happen around new or newly remodeled houses, but can occur in most any house, regardless … Read more

When pricing your new home, make sure you know what you’re getting

When pricing your new “custom” home with a builder, make sure you know what you’re getting. Not all builders price the same way. Some methods are just plain scary. Here are a few examples of ways builders price a home. 1) Legal pad and pen: Something as complicated as a custom home needs more detail … Read more

2009 Remodelor of the Year Award to Perry Lyons of P.L. Lyons, Inc

We found out a while back that we had received the 2009 Remodelor of the Year award from the Home Builders Association of Louisville. We received the award by submitting two remodeling projects we completed in 2009. We’ll post a follow up to this post with some pictures of those projects. If we can round … Read more

Custom Building the PL Lyons Way

In this housing market it’s important to differentiate yourself. Competition is pretty fierce for the few contract custom homes that are out there. We know how we view ourselves but we’ve realized that our potential customers don’t always see us the same way. We’re not perfect. We make mistakes. We aren’t the cheapest nor do … Read more

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