Custom Building the PL Lyons Way

In this housing market it’s important to differentiate yourself. Competition is pretty fierce for the few contract custom homes that are out there. We know how we view ourselves but we’ve realized that our potential customers don’t always see us the same way.

We’re not perfect. We make mistakes. We aren’t the cheapest nor do we want to be. We’re a smaller operation. We don’t follow a lot of fads. We aren’t for everybody basically.

What we do is build consistent quality homes that stand the test of time. We have been in the building business for 34 years. You can see our homes in subdivisions and on larger tracts/farms all around the metro area. We do not cut corners- any. We build each home like we or our family would live in it. We think about the costs and benefits of the latest techniques and materials without just adopting them blindly. We adapt and change with you during the building process. We help you take your home from concept to completion. We give you an advanced estimate before we begin your construction. We walk you through the financing. We build off of a set of detailed specifications and a HBAL contract. We’re there for you after the close for callbacks and questions you may have. That’s what custom means to us.

Enough about us. What does custom built mean to you?

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