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My name is Katherine, and I work with Norton. This is Matthew, a geneticist with Blackhawk Genomics. We moved here in 2022, and about 11 months later, we had a house fire that started with the chimney and spread to the roof, causing significant damage. We had initially started another project, but it didn’t go as planned timewise. We reached out to P.L. Lyons to help us with the rebuild, and from then on, it was smooth sailing—perfection, honestly.

Adam came out and did a thorough and quick walkthrough, which was impressive. It lifted our spirits with fantastic layouts and great schemes. We already had some plans for the house’s look, especially regarding color, and Adam was able to incorporate all those ideas and get us scheduled quickly with all the finishings and details. We were introduced to Marty, our project manager, who has been the most amazing person throughout this project. Having a house fire is never easy, but having someone guide us step-by-step has been incredible.

Bringing Your Imagination to Life

When we bought this house, we knew we would do renovations. We had actually started renovating with a private interior designer and her team, beginning with the bathroom and the master suite. We were almost finished when the fire happened, which was disappointing. However, working with Adam and his team allowed us to remodel the whole house in the most custom way possible.

Working with Karen at Century was a godsend. I told her I didn’t want my house to look like a model home, and she helped me pick and choose elements for my kitchen, rearranging things and elevating the design. We added a dog bowl with a water faucet and a removable basin for cleaning. We closed off a door in the kitchen that led to a balcony, added more cabinetry, and changed the layout of the deck downstairs. Marty was able to install a dog wash in the basement, which has been phenomenal with all the mud and rain we’ve been having. He also expanded our laundry room and converted one of the bedrooms into a larger master closet with a full custom layout, which is just phenomenal.

Your Home is Personal, the Process of Building It Should Be Too

I would absolutely recommend P.L. Lyons. The experience we’ve had with them has been very personal, and they’ve gone above and beyond in every aspect of everything we’ve asked for. They never overpromised or under delivered. From day one, they treated us like family and approached the project as if they were going to live in the house themselves. They gave us everything we asked for and made it better than we ever expected. I would highly recommend the P.L. Lyons team for any remodel or home build.

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