Louisville custom home tip: Properly sealing windows and roofs

Did you know that even a good roofing shingle or window pane product can still malfunction if it is installed improperly?

One way to prevent good products from working poorly is to keep in mind the most extreme weather conditions in your area during installation. Use each product to its fullest potential.

For Louisville homeowners, this means anticipating a wet spring and muggy summer. Windows here need to be able to withstand strong winds, even tornadoes.

In other words, hope for the best and prepare for the worst when it comes to custom home repair or remodeling. This is especially true in our area!

Other precautions to take when building or remodeling a Louisville custom home include:

  • Don’t let pockets of water form dams on your roof! If water in any form sits stagnant on your roof for too long, it can eat away at your walls or roof. A self-adhesive underlayment can stop collections of water and ice from building up in the first place. Making sure all water has clear paths to run off the roof will prevent these dams as well.
  • During installation, flash and seal all window openings–otherwise, water may seep into the building as time goes on.

This is why the custom home remodelers you work with are just as important to the health and happiness of your family as the raw materials you choose.

PL Lyons always keeps these precautions in mind, and works to ensure the quality of every job!

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