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Winston Remodel Reveal!

We recently took on a full remodel in the Highlands. It was a very traditional home for the area and we couldn’t be more excited about the results. Take a look at this video to see the final project! For this home, we really wanted to focus on light and space. We opened it up to … Read more

Beautiful Tables for Family Gatherings

tables for gathering

It’s not hard to admit that one of the biggest factors driving the value of a home is a pleasant aesthetic of a major area in the home like the kitchen, dining, or bathroom. Obviously, curb appeal sells too. We not only know about the technical side of constructing a home. We know good design … Read more

6 Tips to Winterize Your Home

The varying temperatures we experience during a year can have quite an effect on your home, especially if you’re not keeping everything properly maintained. With colder weather right around the corner, we want you to stay warm and your house to stay in great condition. The best way to avoid freezing pipes and other winter … Read more

How House Trusses Work & Why They Benefit Your Home

house trusses

At P.L. Lyons we prefer to use trusses, rather than traditional stick-framing, when building roofs for our homes. Our priority is building the best houses for our homeowners, and using trusses in our roof construction is one way we accomplish that goal. How House Trusses Work If you’re more of an admirer of a beautiful … Read more

Best Remodeling Advice Ever

Whether you’re remodeling your home yourself or getting professional help, one thing is certain: it’s never as easy as it looks on TV. Remodeling can be a fun experience for the whole family, but it’s going to come with some challenges, too. At P.L. Lyons, we want you to go into your remodeling project with … Read more

New Home Reveal for a Happy Client

spring farm lake

The Spring Farm Lake house is complete and we couldn’t be more excited about the final result. We started working on this house at the very beginning of 2020. You can imagine some of the challenges we faced with the pandemic going on. We were still able to get some filming in during the first … Read more

Key Elements to Building an Open Concept Home

open floor plan

It was more popular years ago to have separate spaces in your home. Four or five rooms downstairs and four or five rooms upstairs, for example. Nowadays, however, most people are looking for open floor plans, where the kitchen flows smoothly into the dining and living areas. There are a lot of benefits to building … Read more

The Impact of Lot Location on Your Custom Home

building on a lot

When it comes to your custom home, location matters. It affects the costs associated with building and living in your new home for years after it’s built. You should be picky about building on a lot because it can impact the overall experience outside the home, inside the home, and determine aspects of the building process as … Read more

Costs to Consider When Building a Custom Home

custom home cost

Many homeowners dream of building their very own custom home. However, they often don’t realize all the costs associated with building a truly custom home versus a manufactured home, spec home, or buying a current house on the market. Although homeowners know that building a custom home is a great undertaking, they may not be … Read more

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