Some of our Exciting Commercial Building Projects

Some of our Exciting Commercial Building Projects

While you may recognize us for our work building custom homes, that’s not all the P.L. Lyons team excels at! We’re very excited about some of our recent commercial building projects, as well. Just like with a home, a lot of thought and care goes into commercial building projects. Here are three project examples we’ve had the pleasure of working on:

Stansbury Electric

Stansbury Electric, trusted electricians in the Louisville-area, found themselves in need of a new warehouse and conference room. While you might think warehouses are pretty easy to construct and design (just big open storage rooms, right?), there is actually a lot more thought that has to go into them. A warehouse has to be designed in a way that makes it an efficient and safe place to work and store products, tools, and more. Considerations have to be made for lighting and other electrical needs, as well as ensuring that everything is up to code and safe for employees. As for a conference room, that’s a totally different set of lighting and electrical needs! We were able to do all this and more for these partners who we’ve utilized for many of our custom homes in the past!


Pella, a company you probably recognize for it’s windows and doors, gave us the opportunity to design their Louisville showroom! Now, a showroom is more than just four walls and a roof. Consideration has to be made for lighting in particular. We wanted to have as much natural light and spotlighting as we could to better showcase their window and door products. The space we were able to create for Pella is a great place for customers to shop and see these products in action. They are also a trusted partner that has provided windows and doors for many of our new home clients.

Mortenson Family Dental 

Mortenson Family Dental, a well-known dental group in this area, needed a new front office and patient rooms for one location. Different kinds of considerations have to be made for something as complex as a dentist’s office. You want the overall design to be inviting to patients, as well as meet all the plumbing and electrical needs for each room. There’s a lot going on at a dentist’s office—cleanings with streams of water and buzzing tools—and each room requires more than just a sink and an outlet in the wall. When we manage a commercial project, accommodations like these can be made for just about any situation.

No matter the project, P.L. Lyons is up for the challenge. As much as we love our custom home jobs, commercial builds are proving to be a fun way to stretch our design muscles. Because those spaces impact businesses, the goal is always clear for the business owner and for us. The project in mind needs to happen on time and on budget. That’s what we keep at the forefront of our minds every time.

If you have something in mind for your own commercial building, learn more about our work here and contact us today to take the next steps!

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