Beautiful Tables for Family Gatherings

It’s not hard to admit that one of the biggest factors driving the value of a home is a pleasant aesthetic of a major area in the home like the kitchen, dining, or bathroom. Obviously, curb appeal sells too. We not only know about the technical side of constructing a home. We know good design makes all the difference. One of our partners has years of experience in architecture and design. That’s actually one of our differentiators from other building companies.

We also believe in the importance of family. It’s the time of year to gather. So we want to talk about how a well-designed dining room – and a quality table – can make a gathering all the more special.

The top 3 things to consider when setting up a dining space and designing a tablescape are:

1. Symmetry

A gathering space should not feel imbalanced. Consider the size and layout of the room. Just because you have a crowd, doesn’t mean it has to feel crowded. That’s why many tables are placed in the center of a room. No one wants to squeeze against a wall to get to their seat. Consider the other furniture in the room too, because the brain craves balance. The space should be also arranged for the best lighting. If there’s a window view, try to seat people so they can enjoy that. If there’s a chandelier or other light fixtures, PLEASE don’t place the table and chairs to where it’s supposed to center with the lighting because it’s a few degrees off. That just doesn’t feel natural!

2. Focal point

This is similar to symmetry. People are subconsciously drawn to focal points. Think of any museum you’ve been to. Think about wedding receptions. There is always a focal point. A light fixture can be a focal point for a room. Of course, the most common focal point for a gathering is a table arrangement. Especially during the holidays, you can have a lot of fun with table arrangements. From a platter of delicious food to flowers, baskets, or candles, the sky is the limit.

3. Theme

Speaking of arrangements, a gathering is certainly an experience. That’s why flowers or candles are often used. You don’t usually incorporate Christmas red and green and the smell of cinnamon when it’s Summertime. It’s obvious examples like this that show how culture and common elements from certain occasions naturally evoke a theme for a gathering. A theme also helps a dining space stand out because of intentional design choices that go well together rather than cause incongruity.

Below we’ve shared dining tables from homes we’ve built over the years. Take a look at why we love these examples.

8 Beautiful Tables for Family Gatherings

We love the place setting at each seat and the unique light fixtures. The mirror near the table makes the room feel bigger and brighter as it reflects the existing light. Even the chairs make a bold statement.


Talk about a room with a view! This table is perfectly positioned to admire that view. Bold armchairs act as bookends to the table. The tall floral arrangements really grab your attention. And their height still allows everyone to easily see the window view and the guest across the table.


Another example of chairs as a standalone design, this incorporates 2 chair styles that work well together. The furniture, wall hangings, and greenery showcase the French Country theme well to anyone who enters the room.


We love the idea of a dining space in an all-seasons room for its views and the natural light. Also, it’s easy to find symmetry since there are not many other purposes to compete with in a room like this. We also love the Turkish rug and the chandelier. Perfection!


This modern design is so sleek. The accent wall works well. We love the pop of bright blue on the table. The molding around the light fixture is probably the biggest statement piece. This is also an example of how perpendicular lines and shapes can actually create symmetry.


Our favorite part of this room is its softness. This is accomplished with the material used for the table and chairs, the rug, and the paint color on the wall. The arrangement at the center of the table just feels like Spring.


This luxe dining room design embraces boldness! You may know that wallpaper has made a comeback. This vogue wallpaper is probably the first to draw your eye. Because of that and the other Old-World inspired furniture in the room, the table and chairs don’t need to be as obvious. However, we love the rawhide look of the chairs and the rustic wooden centerpiece. There’s an obvious tribute to East Asian design. It truly feels like a family dynasty could gather here for an epic meal.


This is a popular floor plan right now where the dining space sits off to the side of a large open great room. We love it! This means the dining table and chairs must fit well with the overall look of the room. This homeowner did a great job with that. The light above the table looks like the cousin of the chandelier in the middle of the room. With a lot of dark wood in this space, we appreciate the cool, pewter vase on the table and the use of bright flowers. The bright colored couch was also a great choice to stand out amongst the wood.

We hope these dining spaces inspire for your next family gathering or even a remodeling idea you just can’t shake.

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