What was Homearama 2018 Like? Here’s the Highlights.

Homearama 2018 was held from July 14 to July 29 this year at Catalpa Farms in Fisherville, Kentucky. The two-and-a-half-week event featured 7 modern style, newly renovated homes from builders around the Louisville area. Guests were encouraged to visit the location to tour the homes, meet architects and designers, and learn more about home design. This year there were 40,000 attendees. We had a blast being a part of this year’s event and look forward to next year’s Homearama.

P.L. Lyons Architectural Builders featured House #3 at Homearama 2018 that we exclusively designed with our clients in mind. We created a Story Guide that details all the unique elements and designs, such as patterns and colors, we created in our house for this year. You can still access this guide to get more information on the various architectural and design elements we incorporated.

Virtual Home Tour Experience

A key factor of what made our home at Homerama so special this year is the rare pink island located in the kitchen of the house. There is also a hidden room in the house we built this year. As a customer, you can virtually tour our house along with the other 6 houses from Homerama 2018. We integrated a new technology this year for our attendees to become more involved in the process before, during, and after the event.

Participants can access this virtual touring software by visiting plhometour.com. There is a walk-through slideshow presentation for our modeled home that gives insider information about why the house was designed this way, the inspiration for the design, and stories behind where certain pieces of furniture came from that are in the house.

This virtual tour technology is a unique feature we hope that people will utilize now even after the event has taken place. A family is already enjoying living in the house we showcased at this year’s Homearama. However, two of our Homerama 2017 houses are still available for sale. The craftsmanship and detailed work built into these homes make them worthwhile for interested homeowners to learn more about. To access the remaining houses for sale, click here.

Homearama Home

For the Love of Homearama

At P.L. Lyons, we eagerly await the annual Homerama event. It is a communal event that brings the architectural building and design industries together from across the city and surrounding counties. As a company, we have had homes featured at Homerama events since 1975 and had the most presence among other builders in Louisville.

As luxury custom home builders and remodelers, Homerama gives us a chance to showcase the latest building styles, new products, and the modern inventions of home design that we have to offer. We appreciate the opportunity to use Homearama as a marketing tool that connects us to other builders in the area and expose us to new customers. There was a giveaway at Homerama this year that let us give back to our loyal customers and attendees who visited our house. With 1,245 applicants, we were able to award one winner with a 55-inch flat screen television. This is another great way we like to interact with the guests at Homearama and are able to show our appreciation for you.

We already anticipate being involved with Homerama 2019. Yes, we know this year’s event just ended, but there’s nothing like this annual tradition. It would take more than two hands to count the customers and connections we gained from Homearama through the years. We plan to play a unique role in Homearama 2019 as we do each year, and we promise to share more information soon about what you can look froward to!

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