Why P.L. Lyons Stands Apart as Your Custom Builder in Louisville

When you are about to embark on the journey of building your custom home, where do you start? Many people interested in building their own homes are uncertain. One of the most important factors that play into the outcome of your dream home is the team of builders and contractors behind the scenes that you choose to make it come to life. Not all builders are created equal. We’re here today to tell you the reasons why we’re different.

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At P.L. Lyons, one of our core focuses is providing quality workmanship in all the custom homes we build. As a homeowner, one of the largest aspects throughout the homebuilding process is being able to rely on the team of builders that you are entrusting with your home.

From updating you with the details of your project on a weekly basis, to communicating when about your decisions on details, whether early on or with your final furnishings and finishes. It’s YOUR house. YOU always have the final say in our world. Our team desires for the homeowner to be involved throughout every phase of the process.

It’s important for both the building team and homeowners to be transparent throughout the entire home building process. In doing so, both parties feel in-the-know and on the same page.

Ethical and Transparent

One of the main reasons our clients have given us their trust for the past four decades is our commitment to ethical standards. We will never be veiled about the progress, details, or pricing of your home because we know that these are the integral parts that homeowners need know. They are so foundational.

A part of our values at P.L. Lyons Architectural Builders is holding ourselves to a high ethical threshold as builders, as a business, and as people. We want to assure our customers that they can trust us to be open and honest in all aspects of their home project and our conversations with them.

Many contractors will hide important information from the home owners in order to save themselves money or make them pay more than expected because of an error or simply because they didn’t want to disclose it. We value our customer’s trust and will do our very best work in every single scenario to maintain that trust we’ve earned.


With 40+ years of work in the homebuilding industry, we understand the process that new homeowners are taking on.You may have heard us talk about this a lot, but we’re passionate about educating you on the usual process of home design and building. It’s a major endeavor. That’s why you should feel informed at the start.

There are many decisions and choices. That’s also why with us, it’s a partnership; not just with within our company, although we are unique because we’re a design-build firm– a one-stop shop for creating a home. But additionally we want it to feel like we’re partnering with YOU. Our first design consultation with you should feel a lot like that. We create sketches and renderings side by side with you.

We know how important being a local builder is in this community. Knowing the city of Louisville and the market allow us to provides our clients the best service possible. We know the area like the back of our hand, making us an expert on all the best communities.

Attending and participating in events such as Homerama gives us this competitive edge too. We stay on top of the best trends, technology, and involvement in the community.

We’ll always give you our best recommendations for your dream home. But when it comes down to it, you are the creator of your home. We are your partner in making it happen. As truly custom builders, we’re following your lead on the details you envision. All of the qualities that we listed above are the reasons why P.L. Lyons is the best choice for a local, custom home builder in Louisville.

If you are interested in building your own custom or luxury home, let’s get started today! Schedule a design consultation with one of our architects to see how we can make your dream home designs become a reality.

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