Which home building group do you fall in?

We’ve put together some thoughts on home building and remodeling for this new year.

Some of you are just surviving (we understand there is no business that’s been hit harder than builders these last few years) and the thought of buying a new home, building a home or even doing a remodel are far from your mind. We understand. Who would want to push anyone to do something to stretch themselves in this economy? If you’re being pushed— run!

Some of you are not even surviving. You need help. You’ve lost homes to foreclosure, had to sell short or take a huge loss by selling in this down market. Some of you are just trying to find housing, to rent and to get back on your feet. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hopefully, you’re finding some assistance from those close to you (charity starts at home) or from your local church, ministry or non profit.

Some of you are reserved. You are not in either of the situations above, but you aren’t exactly gung ho to spend money or take risk. We understand. That’s wise. We can’t fault wisdom, or sell against it without losing our moral compass— and we don’t plan on doing that.

Some of you are sitting on the sidelines though and we wonder why. You have saved your money. You have made wise decisions. You’ve paid the price. You are ready to sell your existing home and build a new one or you’re ready to do a major remodel. We are speaking to you today. The time to act is now. Need a lot? Take your pick. Want to get a good price on materials and labor? Tell me how they will get better than today. Want to make sure you get the best price from a builder? I can promise you are getting tremendous value for your money from us right now. Want to get a good interest rate? Are they going anywhere but up? The risk here may be in doing nothing.

We’re not advocating unwise risk for those in the first 3 situations. We are saying that there is no reward without some risk for those in the last situation. Of course you already knew that.

Perry Lyons has been a Louisville builder for over 35 years. Don’t go with a fly-by-night company in this economy. You’ll get our best price and won’t have to worry about all that can go way wrong.

If you’re in the market and want a quality custom home or remodel— we’d love to start a conversation. That’s all. Just a conversation.

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