When remodeling: Part 2

How did this story unfold?

Here’s another little known fact the “contractor friend” won’t mention. The original builder of your home is absolved of many and maybe all responsibilities/warranties when someone else works in that house. Below is a list of examples that may trigger this situation:

  • Carpentry, such as altering of framing or even moving a doorway
  • Electrical alterations
  • HVAC alterations
  • Plumbing alterations

Any carpentry change can have an effect on the structural integrity of the house. Any electrical change will have an effect on the electrical panel and code. Any plumbing change can affect the status for code applications.

In the event these types of changes are made the builder and his sub contractors could no longer be responsible for what they did. Their work has been altered without proper permits after they left. To make matters worse your “contractor friend” has no coverage. Original responsibilities and insurance obligations are no longer in effect.

After my explanations, I got the job, and my clients are very happy as the work is progressing.

They commented “he” was a little cheaper than us, but after questioning him about my information, both they and their “contractor friend” decided he should not do the work.

No matter how small the job seems to you, it has consequences. When considering all the consequences, YOU should always chose to work with a licensed professional. It doesn’t have to be us although we’d love to help.

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