What You Need To Know About Safe Rooms In Your Home

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What You Need To Know About Safe Rooms In Your Home

We want to highlight a custom residential add-on that we have been providing our customers with recently: safe rooms.

There are many different sizes, shapes, and uses of safe rooms, but whatever your needs are, a safe room can protect you, your family, and possessions. Below is what you need to know about safe rooms in your home.

Factors to consider when building a safe room in your home

There are many factors to be considered when building a safe room, but the most frequently asked questions we get about them are:

1.) Where is the best place to build them?

2.) What materials are used to create them?

Safe rooms can be built inside or outside and above-ground, below-ground, or in-ground. No matter which option you choose, a safe room should be built in a place that is easily accessible to you and your family in case of any unexpected weather events or unwanted intruders.

We’ve seen an increasing trend of customers wanting to build them under their front or back porches. If built inside, they are typically built into an existing basement. Building a safe room outside can sometimes present more complications such as getting adequate ventilation, heating, and air conditioning to the room.

The second thing to consider when building a safe room is what materials the room will be constructed with. For the most protective and structurally sound safe room, we pour concrete walls and ceiling or use concrete blocks to protect you from emergency weather conditions, fires, and intruders.

No matter where you choose to build your safe room, whether in an existing home or as your home is being built, we are a one-stop shop for safe rooms. We are able to test and inspect foundations to see if building one to retroactively fit an existing home will be viable.

What to keep stocked in a safe room?

You’ll certainly stock the basics like food and water, but here are some additional and essential items you might not consider when stocking your safe room:

  • A spare cell phone with a charger (you may even consider running a landline to the room)
  • Entertainment options like board games, cards, coloring books, puzzles etc
  • Emergency backup supplies including a fire extinguisher, flashlights, batteries, and first-aid kit
  • Blankets and pillows for comfort
  • Several backup prescriptions and OTC medications that are needed
  • A fan for cooling and additional circulation
  • Supplies for any animals that might be in the safe room with you

This is just a list of possible items you might consider stocking in your safe room. Safe rooms are much like our building process. When we begin to design a custom safe room, we design it to meet your needs. If you’re interested in building a safe room onto your house, schedule a free consultation.

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