What does it mean to build a custom home in Louisville?

If you’re shopping around for a custom home builder or contractor in Louisville, it’s important to know exactly what a custom home is, as many builders today use that term loosely. Here are some examples of the types of homes you might see advertised on the market today:

Spec home. A spec home is a home built with a typical, not a contract buyer, in mind. These homes, usually built in existing subdivisions, are general enough to appeal to a wide variety of house hunters. Fixtures, hardware, paint, and other items in spec homes are usually builder grade.

Semi-custom home. A semi-custom home may begin with standard floor plan (not customized blueprints from an architect) with some part of the plan changed or “customized” to meet the buyer’s needs. While these homes are not true “custom” homes, they can be a nice and less expensive alternative. Having plans designed from scratch by an architect, draftsman, or builder can be costly, but keep in mind that semi-custom floor plans can only be modified so far, and there are costs associated with having the plans altered.

What does it mean to build a custom home in Louisville?

Custom home. The definition of a true custom built home is one that is designed based on the home buyer’s wants and needs. The architect/draftsman, builder, and home buyer all work together to design and construct a home that is unique. These homes are usually what you can consider dream homes, and no two true custom homes are alike. As you would expect, custom homes are typically the most expensive type of home you can build, but they’re also built specifically for you and your family’s lifestyle and needs. True custom homes are usually built using better grades of products and materials, as most custom home buyers are planning on being in their custom home for a “lifetime.”

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