What comes first? Chicken or the Egg

When building your dream custom home, what comes first: the Chicken or the Egg? In this scenario the Chicken being your lot and the Egg being your home plan.

This could be debated either way and our emotions tell us design your plan first. After all that’s far more exciting then picking out a piece of barren ground. With 35 years of experience we think the opposite. Home plans can be a endless search without some parameters. A good first parameter- what size and what are the restrictions of your lot? If your lot will only allow for a home that’s 55 foot wide and 50 foot deep then you can narrow your plan search quite a bit. Thus allowing for the plan to be customized to your specifications.

On the other hand if you find your dream home plan or better yet have it designed, then you may have to compromise where you’ll build it.

These are suggestions to think about. After you have a lot, you’ll have some boundaries with which to start your plan design. At P. L. Lyons, Inc., we will help you look for lots, in your price range, and we specialize in working with you to design your plans.

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