Updates From P.L. Lyons

We have a lot of things going on at P.L. Lyons, so we wanted to take a minute to update you.

New Social Media Site for Homebuilders and Design Lovers

P.L. Lyons has joined a new social site for homebuilders and those looking for decorating inspiration. Houzz.com features beautifully designed homes organized by room, so decorators and those wanting to spruce up their spaces can browse for inspiration.

For homebuilders and architects, Houzz.com offers a profile setup where you can showcase your work, connect with other builders, and let people in the area search for you in the directory.

Check out the P.L. Lyons profile on Houzz.com and follow us to see when new projects and pictures are added to our profile.

News From the NAHB

We recently returned from the fall board meeting for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Here are our biggest takeaways from that meeting:

  • They gave a great presentation on generational differences, which was very revealing about buying habits.
  • The 2014 Energy Codes were reviewed, IRC Codes. Most of these changes were pushed by manufacturers much to the dismay of builders. These changes were not pushed by builders or by code officials.
  • The NAHB helped to make sure that 1500 of 2200 proposed changes were not acted on. This equaled a savings of $22,0000 per home built that would have either been absorbed by builder/subcontractors or passed onto clients.

Current P.L. Lyons Jobs:

  • Currently building a custom home in Shelbyville
  • Currently building a custom home in Simpsonville
  • Office addition/remodel in the south end of Louisville
  • Anchorage home remodel

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