Trend Appliances Home Garden and Remodeling Show

If you haven’t made plans yet for this weekend, then schedule a trip to the Trend Appliances Home Garden and Remodeling Show. If you’re considering an addition, a remodel, a hardscape project, or just any little thing to make your home better; then come on out Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You can get all the information on the main promotional site linked above. The show is coordinated by the HBAL and sponsored by Trend Appliances. If these types of improvements aren’t in this years budget, dreamers and planners are welcome too. Come on out and get some ideas for that future project. Then go home and make it a goal.

If all those weren’t reasons enough, then yes coming just to see P.L. Lyons, Inc. is fine as well 🙂 We’ll have a booth focusing on our custom building and remodeling services. We’ll be giving away some freebies each day and we’ll also have some interactive treats for you.

If you have questions then comment below, hit us up on Twitter or contact us online through our form. Of course we still answer email and the telephone too- whatever your communication preference.

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