Top Ten Kitchen Trends You Wish You Had

Designing your custom kitchen means figuring out the top features that meet your home living needs now as well as those that you anticipate for the future. The following list of kitchen trends is notable for a particular characteristic or another element that makes them stand apart from others.

1. Touch-activated Faucets

Integrating a touch-activated faucet in your custom kitchen increases functionality while increasing the cleanliness factor.

2. Extra-wide drawers

Extra-wide drawers that conceal smaller storage areas and drawers behind them help reduce clutter while streamlining the organization.

3. Mobile Kitchen Island

A mobile kitchen island gives you the flexibility to move it wherever it is needed. To increase its versatility, they often include compartments and/or storage drawers.

4. Built-in Paper Towel Dispenser

Having a paper towel dispenser built into the design of your kitchen provides you with easy access to a practical necessity found in today’s modern kitchen.

5. Pet Feeding Station

The ideal kitchen has a place for everything, and a pet feeding station is no exception. Building in an area for your pets’ food, bowls, and other gear helps things stay organized so they don’t get underfoot.

6. Corner Drawers

Take the concept of the wasted space in the corners of your kitchen to new heights with innovative corner drawers. Practical and functional, they help reduce clutter.

7. Dual Sinks

Incorporating an additional sink into your kitchen’s design provides an additional work area. Having an island sink, for example, provides the ideal place for prepping dinner while dishes are soaking in the main sink.

8. Open Shelving

Whether you’re a fan of cabinets or you’re looking for a good alternative to using them, open shelving fits right in the modern kitchen. Lending a sleek and industrial look, open shelving also puts those items you need the most at your fingertips.

9. Dish Drawer

While storing your dishes on a shelf or in a cabinet is the normal, opting for a dish drawer provides more convenience. Not only is it within easy reach, you can also customize it to meet your specific needs.

10. Wine Rack

Whether you choose to have a wine rack installed on the end of your kitchen island or you integrate it with your cabinets, its convenient design is combined with ample visual appeal.

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