The Top 10 Custom Features You Gotta Have-Download Today!

Your dream home visions may have started with some sketchy drawings on a napkin or a bunch of random overflowing ideas. As your dream starts to become a reality, there are certain things you may feel like you just can’t live without. Granite countertops are sure to make the list. Maybe an in-ground sprinkler system or kitchen backsplash rates on the top of your list.

After building hundreds of custom homes through the years, Perry has created his own top 10 list of home features you just gotta have when building a custom home, and the list may surprise you.

When you sit down with your custom builder and a calculator to determine what features you will spend money on, have you calculated the importance of a waterproof basement or high efficiency HVAC equipment? Down the road, a beautifully painted home with cute little nooks and custom faux finishes may look impressive on the outside, but what features will bring you the most value and improve your home’s functionality long-term?

Click here to download our latest free offer, The Top 10 Home Features You Just Gotta Have. It will help walk you through proper planning and provide you with ideas and features you may not have considered when planning your custom home budget.

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