The Latest Design Trends Of 2018 According To Our Experts

We have had a great response to our latest content offer, 8 Best Design Trends of 2018. Haven’t downloaded it for yourself yet? We wanted to give you a little sneak peek into the details shared in this offer.
The Latest Design Trends Of 2018 According To P.L Lyons
As you know, we stay updated on everything in the building industry. You can see how we do this in our latest blog which recaps what we saw at the International Builders’ Show in January. We always want to keep you informed and in the know, so we created this offer to keep you updated on the latest and greatest 2018 design trends.

We Are Excited To Show You Our Trends of 2018!

If you’re planning to remodel this year or build a new home, it is crucial you don’t make the mistake of settling on certain design decisions that are out of date or unfitting for your personality and the needs of your family. At P.L. Lyons Architectural Builders, we’ve done the research and came up with 8 design trends to point you in the right direction as you plan for your new home or remodel!

We believe that the interior décor or design is very important to your experience –every day–in your home. It does not just impact the home’s aesthetic beauty but it also improves its functionality and comfort for everyone in it.

Choosing a great design directly impacts the resale value of a house, which may be very important to your family in the future. Whether a home is being remodeled or built from the ground up, the design of the home cannot be underemphasized.

Many of the trends we researched are elements we’re already featuring in our latest building projects. See for yourself and check out our portfolio of beautiful homes. Notice some similarities in lighting and bathroom features? We feel like these parts of the home are recognizable as a P.L. Lyons’ signature.

Sneak Peek of our Best 8 Design Trends for 2018

So whether you’re a first-time homeowner looking to revamp your current home or just want some new design inspiration for a future house you’re dreaming about, here are two of the eight home design trends to take note of in 2018.

  • The Latest Technology For Greater Ease And Function

This is so important today. Your home should have the capabilities for the many types of wired and wireless devices that allow your home to work for you. It also gives you more centralized control.

  • The Perfect Lighting for the Perfect Atmosphere

We believe you need the right lighting for each and every room in your home. We also believe gone are the days of basic, boring lights. Artistic custom light fixtures with multi-access and multi-options is definitely on trend today.

Want To See More?

These were just a few details on those two topics. You can see the rest of the story along with the other six top trends by downloading the free guide for yourself. Don’t miss out on these inspiring details! It is very important to make your home feel like home and creating a place that you love and want to show off to family and friends. So, get your free copy of our list and start dreaming! Download the trends here.

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