The Final Walk Through: What You Should Know

Congratulations! You’re about to close on your newly-constructed home. You’re finally at the end of what seemed like a very long, tiring, maybe even frustrating journey of building a custom home. The only thing left is the final walk through and you’ll be home free. While this last step may seem small compared to all the steps it took to get to this point, the final walk through is nonetheless an important, crucial phase when building a home.

Typically during a final walk though, I will walk with the home buyer through the house and create a punch list of anything they see (and I see) that needs to be adjusted or fixed before the closing. Maybe there was a scratch in the paint on a bedroom wall. I’ll write it down and make the repair in a timely manner. The walk through is also a time when I will answer any questions the home buyers have about the home. For example, I might answer questions about how to best operate the heating and cooling system, give tips for owner maintenance, go over warranty coverages, and more.

During a final walk through with me or any builder, it is important for homeowners to be thorough and observant. Carefully examine all surfaces of counters, fixtures, floors, and walls for possible damage. It is also very important for you to ask a lot of questions and take notes on the answers. View the walk-through as a positive learning experience which will enhance your enjoyment of your home. In addition to the final walk through, I also come to every home closing and will be there for any last minute issues. At the closing, I provide a personal closing book with key documents and information organized for your benefit.

Most homebuilders offer warranties on new construction homes. PL Lyons is a member of the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville (BIA) and offers their standard, one-year warranty on all of our custom homes. In addition to this, we also do a one-year walk through. At the end of the first year from the closing date, we will schedule a time to come out and walk through your home according the standard BIA One Year Warranty agreement. We’ll note the issues and resolve them to the best of our ability.

The process of building a custom home is a meticulous one. From pre-construction all the way through the final walk-through, we invite the homeowner to be an active, participating part of the process. Through all phases, we work hard to make sure we’re accommodating your needs while performing the most high-quality work available. For more information on our process and procedures, visit our website. If you would like to talk about building your custom home with PL Lyons, I invite you to contact me.

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