The Debate of Brick vs. Vinyl in a New Custom Home

When building or remodeling a Louisville custom home, it’s those finishing touches that give it character and an individual look all its own. Picking the right siding is one of those decisions that can make all the difference in the look of your new dwelling and it is a decision that will affect your life as a homeowner for years to come.

When deciding on the appropriate siding, there are three important factors to consider: cost, durability, and maintenance. By weighing the pros and cons of the two more popular options for siding, vinyl and brick, it may be easier to select which one is more suited for your unique needs.

Cost – When comparing these two types of siding, most people automatically begin with cost, as with most large purchases. Vinyl siding has become so popular, in part, because of its cost. Vinyl is made of inexpensive material and this, coupled with the fact that vinyl is so easy to install, marks it as one of the most affordable options for siding available.
Brick siding, however, is on the other end of the price spectrum. It is a relatively expensive material and one of the more expensive siding choices around.

Durability – Another important factor to consider when comparing vinyl and brick is durability. Durability is significant when comparing siding materials because repairs can be expensive and you want something that will last.

So that there is little concern for scratching or denting, the color in vinyl siding is permeated throughout the material. However, the color will tend to fade over time after prolonged exposure to the sun. Vinyl can also become very brittle in very cold climates where it can be more susceptible to damage. Without a color measuring device, colors are very difficult to match if you have to replace a damaged panel where color has faded.

Brick, on the other hand, is a hard and sturdy material and one of the most durable options for siding. Unlike vinyl, brick doesn’t fade over time and is much more resistant to fire and heat than vinyl. Brick is also more resistant to insects, such as termites.

Maintenance – One of the key components to deciding on the appropriate siding for your home is knowing how much maintenance will be involved. Vinyl siding is widely known for its affordability and its low-maintenance. Vinyl siding typically only requires a good power washing a couple of time a year along with the possible need for occasional re-caulking for joints and places where the siding meets the trim.

Brick siding is also known for being relatively low-maintenance. Brick never needs to be painted or repainted. Due to its high durability repairs are rarely needed.

As you can see, vinyl and brick each have their own pros and cons. The key is to consider these strengths and weaknesses and how they mesh with your personal situation and tastes so that you can properly identify the type of siding that is ideal for your home.

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