So what’s your Louisville dream home look like?

We thought this would be a fun topic to put on the blog and share on social media. We’d love to have your input. Not because we’re trying to sell you a home (we don’t have much inventory right now) or because we’re hoping to build your next custom contract home (although we’d gladly take you up on that). We just wanted to see how things are changing in the Louisville real estate market.

So what’s your Louisville dream home look like?

It seems like out are the days of 4,000 or 5,000 sq foot and above homes. Sure they happen, but it seems the market has moved to a less is more focus. Simple homes with more amenities. People are downsizing their mortgages and their upkeep left and right—when they can sell, that is. People have even started buying tiny houses ( You might not be there yet, but your dreams, goals, and desires for a dream home may have been altered in the last five years of this economic shift. If so, we’d love to know how so.

Do you prefer a community-type development like Norton Commons, or a traditional suburban neighborhood like Fox Run? Would you like an infill home built in an older, existing area like St Matthews, Middletown, Clifton, Lyndon or many others? By the way, these old lots are few and far between.

Would you prefer to be in a town home, patio home, or condo type development with some unique twists? Are you looking at having one to five acres on a tract outside the city in a neighboring county like Spencer, Shelby, Oldham, or Bullitt?

So do you prefer a two story traditional, a one and a half story, or a ranch?

When it comes to the basement, is it a walkout or a traditional basement? Finished or unfinished? Believe it or not, some like an unfinished basement as a romp room, storage space, or more importantly, as one less place to clean and dust.

What are the must-have amenities?

Are you a cottage home, craftsman, traditional, modern, or cape cod fan?

Brick, brick and brick, or hardiplank/ siding?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, on the Facebook thread, or @reply us on Twitter.

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