Smart Home Trends are on the Rise

Smart Home Trends

Thanks to technological advances such as the Internet, smart home technology has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Smart home devices like air conditioner controls, garage doors, and even lighting systems aren’t just for the tech-savvy. These high-tech home systems can simplify life and save you money.

Temperature Control for the 21st Century:

One of the most significant trends in smart home technology is also one of the most helpful – temperature controls. For years, a major frustration of homeowners revolved around what happens when you leave home for an extended period of time. Do you leave your air conditioner on all day long and pay hard-earned money to cool a home that nobody is around to enjoy? Or do you turn off your system to save money but let your house grow uncomfortably warm at the same time?
Now, thanks to smart home technology, this is a concern that people don’t have to worry about any longer. Using Internet-connected sensors strategically positioned on the outside of a home, the system regulates itself. It can be programmed to “learn” when a homeowner is at work, making educated adjustments to the internal temperature at the same time. Homeowners can even check in on their house with smartphone apps to increase or decrease the temperature as needed throughout the day, always coming home to their ideal setting and saving a great deal of money on utility bills at the same time.

Garage Doors That Give You a Peace of Mind:

Another fascinating trend in smart home technology also addresses a significant sore spot for many homeowners: the garage door. Smart garage doors also use Internet connectivity that, when paired with a smartphone or tablet app, allow homeowners to monitor their door, open it or close it remotely, and even receive real-time alert notifications should it open or close when nobody is around.

No more wondering if you accidentally left it open or worrying that it causes a security issue. Even something like carrying in the groceries without a free hand becomes startlingly simple, as a smart garage door can be programmed to automatically open as you approach and close when you enter.

Advanced, Automated Lighting Systems:

Another important trend in the world of smart home automation takes the form of advanced lighting solutions. Using Internet-connected motion sensors, home lighting can be programmed to automatically react when a person exits or leaves a room or even when the time of day changes. If you know that you’re going to be sitting down in front of the television set to watch that latest Hollywood blockbuster, your lights can dim automatically.

Smart lighting also plays an important role in terms of home security, as you can remotely control your lighting from any location on the planet with an active Internet connection. If you’re worried about people knowing that you’re not at home, you shouldn’t be – you’re never more than a few finger taps away from turning on every light in your house if you want to, even if you’re halfway around the world or simply working late.

These are just three of the high-tech features that are becoming increasingly popular as people design their dream homes. We pride ourselves on building the most innovative homes to make your dreams a reality, that’s why we use advanced technology features as the standard. Let us help make your smart home dreams come true, check out our modern homes for sale or contact us to learn about our custom home building process.

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