Should I Start Construction on a Louisville Custom Home in the Winter?

Louisville custom homesMany people are leery of starting construction on a custom home in the wintertime. They’re worried about snow, cold weather, and whether the house will take longer to complete. If you’re thinking about building a Louisville custom home, starting construction in the fall or winter is generally fine. For some people, building in the winter is even better because they’re able to move in during the spring and enjoy the house all summer long.
Here are some things to consider:
  • Although there are some aspects¬†that require the temperature to be above a certain degree, such as cement and foundation work, most everything can be done at any time during the year. However, these temperatures can be achieved by heating or placing concrete blankets to protect concrete from freezing.
  • There are some positive advantages for building in the winter. One would be the amount of moisture trapped inside walls when building in the spring or summer. If building in the winter, you take advantage of the freeze dry method of extracting moisture from the studs and other building products that absorb moisture in the spring summer months.
  • We usually use heat in the winter months, which helps dry the wood before we cover the moisture in the walls.¬†This helps in reducing callbacks due to the shrinking or drying out of wood and trim, thus causing shrinkage cracks.
  • Many custom home builders are not as busy during the winter months as they are in the spring or summer. They might be more readily available, have more open schedules, and able to give your home more attention.
  • One of the downsides is that you might run into weather-related delays. However, that can be the case in spring or summer months as well.

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