Shake’s Run is a “Green” Community

This year’s Homearama location is surrounded by green.

Not only does the Shake’s Run community boast tall, stately green trees, but the homes in the community are also “green,” not literally, but environmentally. Shake’s Run is billing itself under the green umbrella as a LEED program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Under this set of ratings for design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings, homes and neighborhoods, sustainability in the construction of the buildings and efficiency of the utilities in the buildings is emphasized.

Several green features have been put into place for the first time to make this community the first to showcase the various techniques and amenities that will be used to develop sites that comply with EPA and MSD Stormwater regulations. This section of Shake’s Run will offer the most green and sustainable development features than ever seen before in a Louisville residential community.

Green infrastructure has been employed, which includes bioswales and other rain collection features throughout the section, which eliminates the need for storm sewers on the roads. This community is also a “conservation subdivision” which means a percentage of the property has to stay natural and undeveloped. This perk adds a great bonus for homeowners who currently enjoy private, tree-lined backyards. The promise that this view will always remain the same is a great benefit for prospective homebuyers.

Homebuilders have also capitalized on the green concept, utilizing a variety of high-efficiency products and features to create “a comprehensive system of¬†interrelated standards¬†covering all aspects of the development and construction process.” Here are some of the green features you will find in the Architectural Builders, a PL Lyons Company, homes this year:

  • All brick/stone exterior
  • Eco-friendly HVAC
  • Hi-efficiency Energy Star appliances
  • High rated insulation
  • Natural wood in flooring
  • Hi-efficiency fireplaces
  • Eco-friendly composite decking material
  • Solid mahogany
  • Locally manufactured shutters
  • Eco-friendly manufactured stone
  • Energy efficient vinyl clad windows

You might just be seeing green with all of the money you can save on efficiency and energy. Stop by and visit Homearama on July 12-27 and find out which of these new and innovative features you may want to incorporate into your own home.

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