Repeat customers are our best promotion

A doctor we built for had us build a second house and a medical office after that.

One family had us build 4 houses as their family grew, and we recently finished a commercial build out for their new company, Babyology.

Another family had us build, starting with the family patriarch, and we have built for one of his son’s and daughter’s.

A doctor in Anchorage had us build his first house, and we did 5 remodels/additions to his house. H later referred us to build a house for his brother in law.

Another client in Anchorage is still in their house we built in 1980, and we have done 4 remodeling projects at that house. We recently did a major remodel to their kitchen to accommodate the grandchildren, and we have completed 4 commercial remodels for their business. We are now working for two of their children, currently remodeling 2 projects for them.

We remodeled and built a new corporate addition to a dental office, and continued to build/remodel 5 additional offices for them, also building a new house for one of the dentist partners.

We built a home in Douglas Hills only to come back 20+ years later to do an addition and remodel.

We can only tute our own horn so much, but when our customers tute theirs it speaks volumes.

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