Planning and designing a room addition

Do I need a set of house plans to add the room on the rear of our house?

Planning is an integral part of any process, regardless of what it is. House additions and alterations are no different. Before investing in a set of building plans, you need to first see if you can do what you want. There may be restrictions that will not allow you to add the the addition the way you have it set in your mind.

Some restrictions may be utility easements, subdivision regulations, zoning issues, neighborhood association regulations, and many other types of stipulations. The planning phase starts way before building plans (blueprints) are started. You should always know where your house sits on your property which may require a land survey. This will identify any easements or items that may alter the way you design your addition or remodeling project. You can then get your builder to prepare a plot plan that will allow them to advise regulatory agencies of what your general plans are.

At this point you are finally ready to design the building plans. Your builder should direct you to a qualified draftsman/designer or architect to start the building plans. We highly recommend Pete Nusz Home Design for our projects.

The last step in the process is to turn those finished building plans into official “blueprints” so permits can be pulled and actual construction can take place.

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