Pantone’s Color Choice for 2012

If you’re one of those homeowners who changes your home’s decor to match the season, you might be interested in learning what color Pantone has chosen as its color of the year for 2012. And since we’re just beginning spring, this is a great time to introduce to you Tangerine Tango!

The announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year is always an event that interior designers, builders, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts wait for with anticipation. But Tangerine Tango, Pantone color number 17-463, might have some people scratching their heads. How can you decorate with a color like this? Here are a few ways:

This pale orange shade doesn’t overwhelm, but it will create a visible pop in your decor, and can be worked into your home in a few creative ways. In a kitchen, it’s an ideal color for the walls—or even on a focal wall—particularly when mixed with lighter colored cabinetry in natural wood, or with white or ivory painted cabinets. The lighter color will break up the tangerine slightly so that it is not overwhelming.

Small spaces can benefit from the use of tangerine tango as an accent color. Consider incorporating this shade through the use of throw pillows, drapes, rugs, and art accents. For a fresh and springy approach, use this color on an accent wall and combine it with lemon yellow, a cool pale green, or fresh white.

Bathrooms can also benefit from this cheery color. Bring in bath accessories and towels in this happy shade and liven up a dull white or black bathroom. Mix in turquoise accents for a beachy look that will create an oasis feel in your bath.

And if you’re just not digging this color in accents or as a paint choice, you can always incorporate it in the form of fresh-cut flowers. Fresh flowers in the springtime always brighten up the home.

Good luck and have fun incorporating this color into your home. You’ve a whole year to enjoy it before Pantone names its new color for 2013!

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