P.L. Lyons Attended the International Code Council Convention

P.L. Lyons Attended the International Code Council ConventionEarlier this year, Perry participated in the 2016 International Code Council here in Louisville. The ICC is an association that strives to create international standard codes that can be used in the design, build and compliance stages of residential, commercial and other properties. During the council each year, members discuss the proposed code changes with the ICC board to influence the international codes.

This year there was a lot of participation from the state board (HBAK) as well as the local board (BIA) and we were proud to have the event in Louisville. Perry was able to address the council concerning the new energy code (IECC) that has to do with heating and air conditioning regulations.

Besides participating in various code meetings, Perry met with the CEO of ICC and talked about the influence that certain codes have on the pricing of new homes. Many of the proposed codes are not feasible for new home buyers. They raise the price for little in return, resulting in additional costs when building your home. In fact, regulations imposed by the government account for 24.3 percent of the final price of a new home!

We want you to know that we are fighting for you and representing you when we go to conventions and speak out about unfair codes. You can check out this guide to significant code proposals to learn more about the codes that will affect the building industry and YOU as a home buyer!

Check out the guide and let us know your opinion on one of the codes in the comment section below.

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