Initial Pricing

We use an advanced estimating program which helps us price every job accurately, from the high-end custom home to the complicated remodel. When you schedule an initial consultation, you can get a “ballpark” estimate on your project. However, initial and final pricing is always provided before construction and contract. We use a 60-page estimate with a 5-page cost summary. Because we’ve trusted this process for 40+ years, we feel confident pricing any custom home or remodel. Because of Perry’s expertise in this area, he teaches classes locally on advanced estimating and specification writing. Our process for this step creates complete transparency and trust that is not always found in the building industry. All the way down to the the splash blocks for your gutter, you’ll see every cost that goes into building your custom home.

Cost Revisions

Our advanced estimating system easily allows us to make cost revisions that would be challenging for other builders. We’re able to be flexible with the factors such as ceiling height, the amount of brick we’re using versus other materials, and allowances towards features such as cabinetry. We will always do all we can to work with you and your budget. With our system we can change and tweak pricing much quicker to keep you moving forward.

Final Pricing

At this point, we are confident in the final pricing. All parties come together to agree on pricing for all phases of your custom home or remodel. Through this step, we are able to sit down to discuss financing, signing contracts, and specifications. With our 40+ years of experience in the building industry, we can help you navigate the decisions about the different types of loans or strategies, no matter how you’re financing your project.

Specs & Contracts

We give our customers a true “Concept to Completion” custom experience. The visual plans and written specifications work together to guide our building process. Our contract is a standard BIA contract. This is one of the most exciting phases for both parties because we can officially get started on making your dream a reality. We will sit down together to officially accept the specifications and sign the contracts.

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