Here are the steps within the Design Process

Initial Consult

We start with both the architect and the builders under the same roof at P.L. Lyons Architectural Builders.

Many clients meet with us for the first time with photos, online research, lists, plans, or even ideas on a coffee-stained napkin. We start talking with you about properties, budgets, timelines, details, and your many wants and wishes for your new home. Together, we determine if we are a good fit to work together on your custom journey. Then we move toward the next steps to get you on your way home.

Lot Selection & Preliminary Plan Design

We work with you to finalize your lot selection and preliminary design. The best way to draw your preliminary design is to meet with you at your desired lot or property. Unlike many other builders, we are willing and comfortable building in different counties and communities such as Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Bullitt, and more; each having their own unique challenges.

Our Architect will work with you on design, floor plans, and exterior renderings. This is where you start to see your dream come to life.


The uniqueness of our design process is when our Architect literally designs and make revisions to your home while you’re right there with them. We do this together, transparently and collaboratively. Because we have an architect collaborating right with our builders, we don’t run into conflicts or inherent disconnects between what is drawn and what can actually be built. Because we aren’t boilerplate, we can change things along the way for you. There will always be a natural give and take as you finally see your dream being fleshed out along with your preliminary pricing.

Final Construction Plans

After our architect and Perry have taken you through the above steps– from initial consultation to revisions– we’re ready to put a final stamp on your blueprints. Final construction plans are presented to you and agreed upon. Then, the pre-construction phase can begin, which consists of take-offs and initial pricing, cost revisions, and final pricing which then lead to specifications and a contract to build.

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