Louisville Custom Home Builder Tip: Benefits of Insulating Your Garage Door

As a Louisville custom home builder, I know the benefits of  having a properly insulated home, especially in the colder months. With winter winds blowing, cold air is invading every crack it can find in your house. One area cold air might easily overtake is the garage. If you are a do it yourself kind of person or you plan to keep animals or projects inside your garage during the winter, the protection of an insulated garage door is critical this winter.

There are several different reasons that insulating your garage door or having a door that is insulated is highly important.

Insulating your garage door is like putting a warm winter blanket from the outside of your house to the opening of the inside. It keeps your home and garage much warmer. Traditional garage doors are made from a single skin of timber without any thermal insulating properties.

An insulated door is made of two sheets of aluminum with foam filled insulation sandwiched in between to create a barrier of protection. These kinds of doors are typically the roller shutter type doors that coil up completely when raised. They are practical for homes with short driveways and for utilizing roof hanging space. A sectional garage door provides a thicker layer of insulation and should be used in homes where a bedroom is located directly above the garage.

Insulated garage doors are also much stronger. They are made with two skins of steel or aluminum and stops the heat from escaping once the door is closed. These types of doors are more resistant to breaking or theft attempts.

Having an insulated garage door also allows you an opportunity to crank up that buzz saw in the wee hours of the night for a last minute home project without the fear of keeping your neighbors awake. Well insulated doors tend to be sound deadening and an effective barrier to your neighbors.

If you have a traditional type garage door, insulation can still be added to make that door more effective. But if your garage door has seen its better days, consider adding this to your list of home upgrades. You will be warmer and safer.

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