Louisville Custom Bathroom Remodel in Louisville Neighborhood

In these two videos, Louisville Custom Homebuilder PL Lyons takes us through the beginning stages of a complete bathroom remodel.

In the first video, we see how the bathroom appears before the gutting takes place and the plans for the remodel are discussed. The original tile floor will be replaced, along with the bathtub fixtures. We see some of the original tile along the walls that will be replaced with beadboard paneling. This project is considered a tear out project, with no necessary structural work needed. The end result will be a completely aesthetic change.

In the follow-up video, we see the bathroom in progress as the tear out has begun. We can actually see the specific challenges involved in remodeling an older home. Built in 1925, this home originally had 3-4 inches of poured concrete flooring with galvanized water lines embedded into the concrete. This home was also built with no insulation so, air freely escapes and enters between the walls.

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