Lots to See and Do at Homearama… Some Details May Surprise You

Lots to See and Do at Homearama

An espresso machine, a wine tasting room, soak tubs…these are just a few of the exciting features in our houses we’ll showcase at Homearama 2017 in Poplar Woods. It begins in JUST A FEW WEEKS on July 15th!

Those are some of the unique features in specific houses, features you’ll have to search for when you come. But all 3 of our homes boast custom cabinetry, gorgeous tile work, top-of-the-line appliances, and more.

Features You Can Make Your Own

You can still make any of those homes your new home. That’s one of the coolest parts about Homearama. You can call us now or during the event about buying a Homearama home.

If not the house, you could also buy everything BUT that, if you feel like it. Our homes were furnished by Cherry House. They offer some of the most beautiful furniture and decor. And we’ll be available during the show if you want to buy a piece of furniture on the spot. Simply find a member of our team working in the home and let them know – and we’ll mark it sold!

Another option is using all you see at Homearama as inspiration for a new home you want to build or buy sometime in the future. We guarantee you’ll encounter ingenuity in the design and engineering of every single home at Homearama. So, we encourage you to make note of your favorite parts and take pictures on your phone.

We’re even going to host a scavenger hunt to play during Homearama to help you catch as many details as possible. So, stay tuned! If you complete the scavenger hunt you’ll be entered to win prizes.

For now though –to practice those detective skills– we’d love for you to watch our recent Facebook Live videos where we give you sneak peeks of 2 of the houses. Watch our recent videos on Facebook now and see if you can find these details below:

  • Which tech feature catches the girl in the yellow raincoat by surprise?
  • What’s so special about an oven in House #7?
  • What song is playing in the theater room?
  • What does Perry promise to bake for you at Homearama?
  • What installment in House #9 can keep every family member entertained?

Let us know how you did! And let us know if you have any questions about Homearama. If you haven’t downloaded our Homearama guide, get your copy today so that you can make the most out of Homearama 2017!

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