Landscaping Your Home for Spring and Fall

Louisville landscaping tipsIf you are thinking about or have already remodeled your home by adding on a deck or covered porch, now is the time to think about enhancing your investment with improvements to your landscape. Landscaping in the springtime is usually the best time to brighten up the look of your home with plants and flowers that will provide added color through the fall season.With the right landscaping plan, you can make that new deck or porch into an outdoor paradise. Even if your thumb is not so green, there are a wide variety of plants that require very little, if any maintenance—just add sun and water. Low maintenance perennials will come back each year and lessen the amount of time you will spend planting each spring.Most prefer to do their landscaping in the springtime before the weather gets too hot instead of dealing with the heat and putting the health of their new plants at risk. To achieve the best results, plan to start your landscaping projects after the last frost of the season and before temperatures are steadily above 85 degrees. If you plant too early, you may lose your plants to a hard frost. If you plant too late, your plants may not develop a healthy root system.

Make the most of your new deck or covered porch this season with a new landscape design that will further your enjoyment for seasons to come!

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