International Builder Show Post 1

After visiting the 2010 International Builders Show in Las Vegas this past month, we came back with new insights leading to new ideas for upcoming months. It was a great show, and featured many new products and designs for new home buyers and remodeling customers. Some of the most interesting to Buck and I were the new energy saving products including: water saving devices and systems, electrical saving devices and systems and sewage disposal systems. High energy efficient products and building practices were also a big part of the show.

The use of energy efficient building systems and practices, along with integration of solar and wind energy is becoming much more affordable in many areas of the country. This will only continue to improve in the long run. The use of green products will have a definite effect on the cost of building now making it more expensive. This too will become more affordable though as more manufacturers, designers, developers, builders, and consumers enter this arena. Supply and demand have a way of working themselves out. Remember what flat screen TV’s used to cost 🙂

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