Interior home remodeling ideas for the winter

It’s the perfect time of year for a remodel. Winter is just around the corner, the fall TV schedule is in full swing, and you’re probably spending more time indoors.

People typically have less commitments and more free time during the winter months, making it the prime time for a home remodeling project…so let’s talk kitchens.

A “dream kitchen” is one item on most people’s wish list. Something cozy not cramped, family-friendly yet functional. When you think about your kitchen, what are some things you’d love to change? It might be the layout, more cabinet space, or just the overall flow of the room. If everything from your floors to your light fixtures are outdated, we can help. Think about the following tips and how they might play a role in your remodel:

• Your kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be larger in order to function better. With kitchens being the heart of the home for a lot of families, they also play double duty for things like doing homework or entertaining. Your kitchen—despite its size—can be a multi-tasker if you plan carefully. Space-saving solutions that bump-up the functionality include built-in workspaces, banquette seating, and more.

• If you’re remodeling on a budget, but are still looking for that wow factor, splurge on one special luxury. You don’t have to go overboard on every purchase to make a statement. Spending a little more on a wine cooler, backsplash, or appliance will make the space that much more special, custom, and truly built for you.

If you’d like to discuss a kitchen re-do—or any interior project—schedule a free initial consultation. It’s not too late to get your remodeling job priced and finished.

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