Interested in a Homearama Private Showing?

PL Lyons would be happy to give you a private tour of our Homearama homes. Lot #166 is still available for purchase, but the design of both homes can be duplicated on the lot of your choice.

166-front lot view

Picture yourself trudging home after a challenging work day, making the rounds to pick up kids after sports practice and loading up with groceries before finally making that final trek home. Imagine unloading those groceries and disappearing into the sanctuary of your master bath, soaker tub filled with calming warm water, bubbles floating, a dimly lit fire burning in the fireplace directly above you while your favorite television show eases you into the perfect escape.

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When the weekend finally comes, find complete serenity settled in on your fully enclosed and completely secure screened-in back deck, overlooking a picturesque landscape of plush green trees. Relaxation is a welcomed relief as a tall, iced drink and friendly conversation resound from the private recesses of your new home.

Whether you desire a relaxing, private, spa-like getaway like PL Lyons and Architectural Builders have designed their Homearama homes, or the allure of a private deck and theater room have hooked you, PL Lyons can help. Contact us for a private showing.

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