In today’s market, the kitchen sells the home

The kitchen is the heart of the home The majority of buyers today are looking for convenience. They want to purchase a house that is move-in ready. They are busy professionals with young families and not a lot of extra time to devote to renovations. Do you know what the most costly and time consuming renovations is? The kitchen.

When buyers are looking for a new construction, the kitchen is the top priority. Professional Builder recently conducted a survey of home builders and found that eight out of 10 believe the kitchen is the most vital space when it comes to marketing and selling new homes.

Focused around building and design trends, the survey provides some insight into what builders are seeing and what buyers are looking for—especially in the kitchen. One interesting finding about the importance of the kitchen revealed that while the average size of new homes has decreased, the kitchen has remained the same size, and in some cases, has actually gotten larger.

Builders are also selling more upgrades in the kitchen than in any other room in the house. The most popular kitchen upgrades according to the survey are: cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, islands, and lighting.

It’s simply the heart of the home for many families and functionality is key. I’ve been custom home builder in Louisville for more than 30 years, and I have to agree with this survey. Kitchens are the central gathering place for families and probably will be for years to come.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this. What is the most important room in your house? If you want to talk to me about a custom building or remodeling job, please contact me.

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